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Bookkeeping Services for Sole Traders, Self Employed and Partnerships

Sometimes being a sole trader,self employed or in a partnership can be a lonely business. You have to wear many hats running the business with little or no help. You have to be manager, salesman, marketing manager, fitter or supplier and accountant all rolled into one. The reality is your finances take a back seat with the promise that you will get your accounts up to date but the truth is this is never done.


Most importantly the buck stops with you. If the business runs into trouble not only is your business liable for what it owes so are you. Can you answer the question “ Do I know how I am doing?”   


We provide bespoke bookkeeping services for sole traders the self employed and partnerships. Our bookkeeping service is designed to manage your financial heath checks and allow you to run your business sound in the knowledge that your accounts are correct and up to date. Our bookkeeping service does not need to be expensive and we believe you can find a payment plan within our price structure to suit you. Give us a call and we can arrange a suitable plan for you. We are here to help.


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