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Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses


Usually small companies have a mini organisation to run but don’t have the budget to employ full time staff to run their finance department. In house staff have to be dual hatted to run the business. The financial aspects of the business take a back seat and it is always a rush to do the payroll and get the money in for the work that has been done.

Companies would like to improve the situation but how can they without the financial resource to do it?


The main questions you have to ask yourself are. Have you put the correct financial structures in place? How are you monitoring the business performance? Can you or your staff do the accounts?


We are able to help with your bookkeeping and payroll. We can work off and on site and can almost be a part time member of staff. Each companies situation is unique so we will make a site visit to discuss your bookkeeping services for small businesses requirement with you. Really your decision does not have to weigh on cost alone. Our bookkeeping service does not need to be expensive and we can find a payment plan within our price structure to suit you. We would recommend a monthly fee arrangement for this type of business however our pricing structure does cover, we feel all eventualities. We are here to help you decide.


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