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Bookkeeping Services for New Businesses.


It is true that 75% of new businesses go out of business in the first year. There is often a real fear of taking on any form of bookkeeping service support  because the expense is perceived to be high when you are fighting to get your business moving. The thought is I will do the accounts when I have time and get a bookkeeper later when the business is working. Wrong!


There are immediate questions you have to ask. Have you decided to be a Sole Trader or Limited Company? What is different between drawings and salary/wages.  Have you put the correct financial structures in place? How am I monitoring my business performance? Can I do the accounts myself?


We specialise in helping new businesses start up. It makes sense to get it right at the beginning that is why we make the morale judgement of offering a 10% discount on price for the first three months on our monthly rate for start up business if you are starting up or a new business. If you are a Business Link customer then the discount is increased to 15%.  Our bookkeeping service does not need to be expensive and we can find a payment plan within our price structure to suit you. Perhaps you just need your accounts done quarterly. We would recommend our fixed entry price for such situations. A monthly rate might be more suitable if you have a high level of transactions. We are here to help you decide.



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